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Routine for Wellness and Recovery

Updated: Jan 14

It is important to have numerous routines and to flow with life. Prioritize and it is also wise to be patient and allow these things to come to you. Every choice you make is the right one as long as you are learning, feeling, and paying attention to synchronicities.

When I first wake-up I show gratitude to the Universe, GIVE THANKS!


Diaphragm breathing (counts: 4 sec. inhale, 8 sec. hold, 7 sec. exhale), Ballistic Stretch (gradual intensity), listen to motivational videos (when feeling down)

Take High Volume (L-Citrulline & Nitric Oxide) and Exercise (ISOMETRICS, Resistance, Quickness, Jump Training, Cardio)

Hot and Cold Shower (while fasted). May also apply ice to crotch for 15 mins at a time.

Eat Mostly Vegan Meals (Once/twice a day) - More Fruits and Vegetables

Utilize my 5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator and Hyperbaric Chamber or Leg compression

Fit King Air Compression (For Legs)

EMF Pulse Massager (I use for shoulders)

Comfier Back Massager (…for my back)

Sunbathe, meditate, read, hydrate and snack

Static stretch and Prep for the next day

Elevating pillow for legs during nighttime sleep

Regular Hygiene, Vegan toothpaste, LUMIN or other skincare, 10% Benzoyl Peroxide or Retina (at night), Epsom Salt Bath, Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask

(Intermittent) Fast: 1800 - 0800 or 0800 - 1800

**If you have any food cravings, it is better to snack than have full course meals** especially just before bed

Savse, Innocent, Bolthouse, Odwallaa, and Naked smoothies or local smoothie shops

*It is best to get all your vitamins from home grown and/or SEEDED plants as some* pills are expensive and don't always carry the accurate doses