Routine for Wellness and Recovery

Updated: Jul 5

When I first wake-up I show gratitude to the Universe


Stretch, listen to motivational videos

Utilize my 5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator and Hyperbaric Chamber

Sunbathe, read, and hydrate

Take High Volume Nitric Oxide and Exercise (Resistance, Quickness, Jump Training, Cardio)

EMF Pulse Massager (I use for shoulders)

Fit King Air Compression (For Legs)

Fast 1800 - 0800 (Intermittent)

Eat Vegan Meal (Once a Day) - More Fruits and Vegetables

Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask, LUMIN, Cold Shower/Ice Bath and Epsom Salt Bath

Supplements I might take: Vitaligenix t10 (Testosterone), Wellness Formula Capsules (For Herbs), L-theanine, D-mannose, Melatonin (For Sleep), Magnesium, Burdock Root, Omega 3/6/9

Side note: Meditation/Breathwork, Semen Retention/No Fap, and Kegel Exercises

The Holy Quran phone app has reminders for Prayer (Up to 5 times a day)

I eat grapes WITH seeds and Plantains. Mix: Ka'chava, Turmeric, Black Seed, Hemp Seeds, Chai Seeds, Flaxseeds, Pure Coconut Juice, Lemon, Aloe Vera Juice, Spinach, and Kale. **NOT recommending to use all at once but to experiment**


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